Mir Hammal Baloch story arrested by Portuguese Balochi Song

  • Mir Hammal Baloch story arrested by Portuguese:
    After Mir Ismaheel's regime his nephew Mir Hammal Khan son of Mir Jihand Khan Kalmati, became the ruler of Makran. In the regime of Mir Hammal Khan, the Portuguese repelled back attacks number of times under the Command of "Lowess Dee Almia" but defeated on each attempt. After such defeat in many times, Lowess Dee Almia did a pact with Mir Hammal Khan one of the clauses of pact was that "Lowess Dee Almia" will not attack the Makran coastal area. But it was a just fraud from Portuguese they broke the pact and attacked Mir Hammal Khan when he was with some friends on his way in the sea. After the attack Portuguese kidnapped Mir Hammal Khan took him to unidentified place. As per history it is known that "Statue" of Mir Hammal Khan is lying in an island museum Goha in India the same constructed by Portuguese, Mr. R. Huges Buller has written in his book Makran Kalmatis that the fort and a well is still situated near to Gwadar called Gazdan. The snatched weapons from the Portuguese has been also seen in 1904 in Pasni Port Balochistan.
    Portuguese not only attacked Gwadar they also attacked Tehs Bandar (Tehs Port in Cabahar). At that time Mir Kareem Dad lateeg was the Chief of Tehs Port. Mir Kareem Dad Kalmati had been killed with his 44 soldiers.

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